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Lost Marbles

The Life and Times of an Odd, Odd Girl

8 July 1987
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I am awesome. But don't take my word for it! Here's what annastronaut has to say:

theoriginaldork stole her car from a nunnery, running one of them over in the process. The nun's spirit possessed the car thus making it the coolest Buick Skylark to ever hit the road, and giving the world the gift that is the nunmobile.

theoriginaldork is really an Australian pop sensation from the early seventies. She stole Dr. Emmet Brown's flux capacitor out of the DeLorian and put it in the nunmobile. She only decided to come to today's modern era because she thought that we could use a little less free love and a little more disco

theoriginaldork doesn't really have poor vision like she would like to have you believe. Those glasses of hers have x-ray vision. So chances are when she's smiling, she's smiling at your hello kitty underpants.

theoriginaldork was accepted in to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but was expelled after a week when she let her pet squid free in the lake. Minerva McGonagall's still waiting for the damn thing to die.

theoriginaldork used to work at the Cat-Scratch Club. She was the best stripper out there. There are still men all over New York who dream of the cute blonde named Bambi.

Do you enjoy icons?

Then visit iconsbydork, where I post my icons and various other graphics!


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